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The most informed, inform. Railway Age’s experienced editors—knowledgeable of the past, in tune with today and looking to tomorrow—search for answers, and get them from across the industry: management, labor, suppliers, government, the financial community, all the sources that matter. Through interviews, research, conferences and seminars, Railway Age editors raise issues and seek solutions. They ask the important questions, and get the answers that are important to our readers.

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William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

With Railway Age since 1992, William C. Vantuono has broadened and deepened coverage of the technological revolution that is so swiftly changing the industry. He has also strengthened Railway Age’s leadership position in industry affairs with the conferences he conducts, among them Next-Generation Train Control, Next-Generation Freight Rail, Light Rail, and Rail Insights. He is the author or co-author/editor of several books, among them All About Railroading; John Armstrong’s The Railroad: What It Is, What It Does; Railway Age’s Comprehensive Railroad Dictionary; and Planning, Engineering, and Operating Light Rail, With Applications in New Jersey.

Marybeth Luczak, Executive Editor

Marybeth LuczakMarybeth Luczak is Executive Editor of Railway Age. She is excited to return to the Simmons-Boardman Rail Group, where she served for nearly a decade—working progressively from Associate to Managing to Executive Editor, covering topics such as rail and transit security, and even field-testing locomotive remote control technology. Luczak is a seasoned reporter and editor whose diverse trade journalism background includes the railway, banking, magazine marketing and education industries. She holds a master’s degree from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and a bachelor’s degree in English and psychology from Fairfield University in Connecticut. (And, yes, she grew up with trains in her basement, thanks to her dad.)

Bill Wilson, Engineering Editor

Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief of Railway Track & Structures and Engineering Editor of Railway Age, most recently served as Editorial Director of Roads & Bridges. A recipient of numerous business journalism awards, he holds a degree in Broadcast Communications from the University of Southern Illinois.

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David Briginshaw, Contributing Editor

From Simmons-Boardman’s offices in Falmouth, England, David Briginshaw keeps our readers abreast of offshore happenings that are of increasing importance in the U.S. He is Editor-in-Chief of Railway Age’s companion publication, International Railway Journal.


David Nahass, Financial Editor

An authority on all areas of railroad equipment finance and leasing, David Nahass writes our monthly Financial Edge column and produces our annual Railroad Financial Desk Book and Guide to Equipment Leasing. He is President of Railroad Financial Corp., a financial advisory firm. He also serves as Chairman of Rail Equipment Finance, an annual industry conference addressing critical developments concerning North America’s railcar and locomotive fleet.

Roy Blanchard

Roy H. Blanchard, Contributing Editor

Roy Blanchard is a long-time contributor to Railway Age. His consultancy, The Blanchard Company, provides general management, marketing, and strategic planning support for short line and regional railroads.

Ron Lindsey

Ron Lindsey, Contributing Editor

Ron Lindsey is an independent consultant in the rail and intermodal industries. He began his career with IBM in 1970. He subsequently joined the Trustee Staff of the Penn Central bankruptcy and has spent the past 40 years in railroad management and independent consulting. He was Chief Engineer Communications at Conrail and Director of Advanced Train Control at CSX. At CSX, his primary responsibility was to conceive and manage the development of the first overlay PTC system that is the basis for those systems being deployed to meet the federal mandate. Additionally, he conceived and managed the design of an advanced train control/management system, Virtual CTC, for the railroads of Egypt and Kazakhstan. In addition to providing strategic technology planning sessions and market studies, Lindsey offers a suite of courses on conventional and advanced railroad operations based upon advancing technologies that are used by railroads, suppliers, and Professional Engineers to satisfy their on-going education credits.

Jason H. Seidl

Jason H. Seidl, Wall Street Contributing Editor
Transportation analyst Jason Seidl, Managing Director at Cowen and Company in New York City, lends his unique insights to Railway Age through his timely editorials. He has been recognized for stock-picking and earnings accuracy by several nationwide analyst surveys. He is President of the Northeast Association of Rail Shippers.

bruce kelly

Bruce Kelly, Contributing Editor
Bruce Kelly has produced photography and writing for rail publications since 1982. He was Associate Editor of Railfan & Railroad magazine from 1988 to 1996. Since 1997, he has worked in the digital prepress department of a commercial printing company in northern Idaho.

David Thomas 150x200David Thomas, Canadian Contributing Editor
David Thomas is a reporter who has covered government and society since graduating from Ottawa’s Carleton University with degrees in political science and journalism. He has written for National Geographic, Maclean’s, The Globe and Mail, The Gazette, and The Canadian Press news agency from postings in Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, and London, England. “Railroading has been a personal fascination since a childhood timed fortunately enough to witness the golden years of steam on the late-to-dieselize Canadian National and Canadian Pacific,” he says.
John Thompson144x185John Thompson, Canadian Contributing Editor
John Thompson was born and grew up in Toronto, and studied journalism at the University of Toronto and, later, creative writing at Ryerson University. He joined the senior staff of the Toronto Transit Commission in 1977, subsequently becoming assistant editor of Coupler, the TTC’s employee magazine, as well as performing public relations and archival duties. Thompson has been a freelance writer and editor for 20 years, for the Toronto Star newspaper and numerous trade magazines (including Railway Age). He resides in Hamilton, Ontario.

Ryan McWilliams, Contributing Editor
Chief Technical Officer and Principal of International Engineering and Founder of RailAdvisor, Ryan McWilliams is also a contributor to International Railway Journal and Railway Track & Structures. Through his company, he provides cutting edge technologies, market evaluations, global contacts/connections, industry knowledge, engineering support, research and development expertise, new and existing product advancements, software solutions, and best-in-class products to the global railway community. Formerly Vice President-Technology & Business Development at Salient/LB Foster (former Portec Rail) and Senior Engineer/Manager of Business Development at Transportation Technology Center, Inc., Ryan holds degrees from Colorado State University-Pueblo and MIT Sloan School of Management.


Frank N. Wilner, Capitol Hill Contributing Editor
Frank N. Wilner is author of six books, among them Amtrak: Past, Present, Future; Understanding the Railway Labor Act; and Railroad Mergers: History, Analysis, Insight. He earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in economics and labor relations from Virginia Tech. He has been assistant vice president policy for the Association of American Railroads; a White House appointed chief of staff at the Surface Transportation Board; and director of public relations for the United Transportation Union. He is a past president of the Association of Transportation Law Professionals. Wilner drafted the railroad section of the Heritage Foundation’s Mandate for Change (Volumes I and II), which were policy blueprints for the two Reagan Administrations; and was a guest columnist for the Cato Institute’s Regulation magazine.

Al Fazio AboutUs

Alfred E. Fazio, P.E., Contributing Editor

Alfred E. Fazio has 40 years experience in freight and passenger rail. He retired from Amtrak as Deputy Chief Engineer, where he was responsible for the implementation of high-speed rail improvements to the Northeast Corridor. Prior to this, he was General Manager of New Jersey Transit’s Camden to Trenton RiverLINE diesel light rail system. He also served with Raytheon and Washington Group International as President of Twenty-First Century Rail, the DBOM supplier of the NJ Transit Hudson-Bergen Light Rail system. From 1989 through 1996, Fazio was Amtrak’s Division Engineer for the New York Division. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Villanova University, a master’s in Environmental Engineering from Drexel University, a master’s in Applied Mechanics from the University of Pennsylvania, and is a registered Professional Engineer. He is a member of the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA) as well as the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). Fazio has also served as a member of the Engineering faculty at the U.S. Naval Academy and at Widener University. Among his books are Development and Operation of New York’s IRT and BMT; River LINE – Southern New Jersey’s Interurban Railway;   The BMT – A Technical and Operational History; and Elements of Planning, Engineering and Operating Light Rail with Applications in New Jersey.


Jim Blaze, Contributing Editor

Independent railway economist Jim Blaze has been in the railroad industry for well over 40 years. Trained in logistics, he served seven years with the Illinois DOT as a Chicago long-range freight planner and almost two years with the USRA technical staff in Washington, D.C. Jim then spent 21 years with Conrail in cross-functional strategic roles from branch line economics to mergers, IT, logistics, and corporate change. He followed this with 20 years of international consulting at rail engineering firm Zeta-Tech Associates. Jim is a Magna cum Laude Graduate of St. Anselm’s College with a master’s degree from the University of Chicago, Married with six children, he lives outside of Philadelphia. “Writing for Railway Age reflects my continued passion for the future of railroading as a competitive industry,” says Jim. “Only by occasionally challenging our institutions can we probe for better quality and performance. My opinions are my own, independent of Railway Age.

David Peter Alan, Contributing Editor

David Peter Alan is Chair of the Lackawanna Coalition, an independent non-profit organization that advocates for better service on the Morris & Essex (M&E) and Montclair-Boonton rail lines operated by New Jersey Transit, as well as on connecting transportation. The Coalition, founded in 1979, is one of the nation’s oldest rail advocacy organizations. In New Jersey, Alan is a long-time member and/or board member of the NJ Transit Senior Citizens and Disabled Residents Transportation Advisory Committee and Essex County Transportation Advisory Board. Nationally, he belongs to the Rail Users’ Network (RUN). Admitted to the New Jersey and New York Bars in 1981, he is a member of the U.S. Supreme Court Bar and a Registered Patent Attorney specializing in intellectual property and business law. Alan holds a B.S. in Biology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1970); M.S. in Management Science (M.B.A.) from M.I.T. Sloan School of Management (1971); M.Phil. from Columbia University (1976); and a J.D. from Rutgers Law School (1981).

David C. Lester, Managing Editor, Railway Track & Structures

David C. Lester has been writing about the railroad industry for more than 25 years. He studied transportation and logistics at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Georgia State University in Atlanta. David completed a career in health care information technology and consulting in 2012, and has focused on railroading full-time since then. He has written for Trains, Railfan & Railroad and other rail publications, and has contributed to two books. He specializes in technology and economic issues.

Peter Diekmeyer, Canadian Contributing Editor

Peter Diekmeyer is a Montreal-based financial journalist who covers Canadian issues for international clients in the natural resources, defense and economics sectors.