Author: William C. Vantuono

With Railway Age since 1992, William C. Vantuono has broadened and deepened the magazine's coverage of the technological revolution that is so swiftly changing the industry. He has also strengthened Railway Age’s leadership position in industry affairs with the conferences he conducts, among them Next-Generation Train Control, Light Rail, and Rail Insights. He is the author or co-author or editor of several books, among them All About Railroading; John Armstrong’s The Railroad: What It Is, What It Does; Railway Age’s Comprehensive Railroad Dictionary; and Planning, Engineering, and Operating Light Rail, With Applications in New Jersey.

Nehls Chairing Rail Subcommittee

Texas Republican Troy E. Nehls, who represents the state’s 22nd Congressional District (Fort Bend County) and is in his second term, has assumed chairmanship of the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, Subcommittee

STB Issues CPKC Final EIS

The Surface Transportation Board on Jan. 27 completed a final, critical (and very lengthy) step in its consideration of the proposed Canadian Pacific-Kansas City Southern merger to form CPKC (Canadian Pacific Kansas

For TekTracking, More CTA Class I Installs

TekTracking LLC in 2022 expanded use of its Commander Terminal Automation (CTA) system to two additional rail yards at a Class I customer in Wisconsin, in Green Bay and Fond Du Lac.

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Watch: HART IOS Drone Flyover

A new drone flyover video shows the stations and elevated guideway between Kalauao (Pearlridge) and Hālawa (Aloha Stadium) Stations on the much-delayed HART (Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation) Honolulu Rail System light metro initial operating segment (IOS), where trial running of new Siemens vehicles is occurring.

BNSF President and Chief Executive Officer Katie M. Farmer (BNSF Photograph)

2023 Railroader of the Year: Katie Farmer, BNSF

RAILWAY AGE, JANUARY 2023 ISSUE: Railway Age’s 2023 Railroader of the Year Award, the 60th annual, goes to a groundbreaking North American rail industry leader: BNSF President and Chief Executive Officer Katie M. Farmer.

Railway Age Editor-in-Chief William C. Vantuono

New Year’s Evolution

FROM THE EDITOR, RAILWAY AGE JANUARY 2023 ISSUE: New Year’s resolutions are, mostly, as my late Uncle Alberto used to say, “a bunch of malarkey.” What’s the point in pledging once a year to change something that perhaps you should have changed a long time ago, or in starting to behave differently than what people are accustomed to, on Jan. 1, year after year? The only constant in life is change, right? And if you really think about it, life is more about adapting than about changing.