Light Rail

Cold Comfort

RAILWAY AGE, AUGUST 2020 ISSUE, ANNUAL WINTER PREPAREDNESS REPORT: Winter preparedness is essential for avoiding frozen equipment, malfunctioning cars, service delays or even suspended operations.
Fail to prepare for winter’s harsh conditions and your railroad will be running on ice—literally and figuratively. One railroad that prepares for winter’s onslaught is BNSF, which has some of the most rugged territory in North America.

NJ Transit Tests Eco-Friendly LRV Exterior Wraps

NJ Transit’s River Line is testing a new method of refurbishing and maintaining the exteriors of light rail vehicles (LRV) that aims to be more cost-effective, environmentally safer and easier to apply than traditional painting. The new technique involves the use of wraps, similar to decals, to cover the exterior of the vehicles.