Freight Cars

Big Data drives big results

Railway Age, February 2019: As railroads continue to expand their data collection technologies across all of their operational areas, they simultaneously continue to expand their ability to analyze this data and convert the data into actionable information—in other words, to generate information that can be directly used in their operation or maintenance activities.

Duos launches truevue360™

Jacksonville, Fla.-based Duos Technologies Group Inc. has launched a new operating subsidiary, truevue360™ (tv360) through subsidiary Duos Technologies, Inc., a provider of intelligent security and analytical technology. Tv360 will focus on developing, implementing and marketing artificial intelligence (AI) and “deep learning solutions” for a broad range of industries, among them rail.

IEA: Global focus on rail could slash transport emissions

Stepping up investment in rail infrastructure could substantially reduce transport sector carbon emissions and energy consumption, according to a report published by the International Energy Agency (IEA) on Jan. 30.

KeyBanc: “Strength beyond our expectations”

Fourth-quarter 2018 freight car order, delivery, and backlog figures compiled by the Railway Supply Institute represent a sustainable longer-term market for carbuilders, according to analysis conducted by Steve Barger, Kenneth Newman and Ryan Mills of KeyBanc Capital Markets. Orders were “strong” at 19,955 cars. Carbuilders delivered 13,462 units. The backlog now stands at 80,223—the highest level since 2Q16.