Author: David Nahass

(Photo: William C. Vantuono)

Leasing Improvements May Be Unsustainable

FINANCIAL EDGE, RAILWAY AGE AUGUST 2021 ISSUE: Ah, the summer doldrums. While many were hoping for carefree days and a return to normalcy, sadly, the world continues to fret and struggle with the coronavirus and its Delta variant. However, in the shadows of this looming global crisis, the world of North American rail is all atwitter with political activity and other news-grabbing headlines.

Rail Insights 2021 Takeaways

THE FINANCIAL EDGE, RAILWAY AGE JULY 2021 ISSUE: At the 2021 Rail Insights conference (held “live” virtually in June 2021), three major trends emerged: The rebound in rail is in full swing; short lines and Class I railroads are feeling pressure to respond to growing demand in a challenging labor market; and the industry is in a “wait, see and respond” mode when contemplating who will be the ultimate long-term dance partner for KCS. Additionally, infrastructure improvements on the horizon are poised to help both passenger rail.

2021 Guide to Equipment Leasing: The Elephant in the Room Takes Leave

RAILWAY AGE, JUNE 2021 ISSUE: Welcome to the 2021 Guide to Equipment Leasing. Let’s start out by addressing the space in the room left by the exiting elephant: The U.S. economy and its residents clearly are looking forward to the end of the pandemic era and the opening of the economy.