Transport Canada Updates Rail Employee Fatigue Rules

Transport Canada has updated the Duty and Rest Period Rules for Railway Operating Employees, placing new limits on duty-period length; increasing the minimum rest period between shifts; and establishing limits on total hours worked per week, month and year.

An investigation is under way at WMATA after a train-separation incident occurred earlier today on an eight-car train, comprised of all 6000-series cars. (Wikipedia)

WMATA Sidelining 6000-Series Cars

Washington Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) is temporarily sidelining its fleet of 6000-series rapid transit cars after an early Nov. 24 train-separation incident on the Red Line. An investigation is under way; there were no reported injuries.

Hans von Lange, 1923-2020

Hans von Lange, an iconic figure in the global railway maintenance-of-way supply industry, died Nov. 16, 2020. He was 97. Son Michael Lange, one of nine children and head of Exton, Pa.-based Globe-Connect LLC, provided the following memorial for his father, who he says “lived a life full of adventure, challenges, dangers, failures and successes”: