Legal Notice

The Connecticut Department of Transportation will be conducting its annual prequalification of professional consultant firms who desire to provide services for the 2021 calendar year. Additional information can be obtained at: Submittals

Pennsylvania has made “enormous” investments in the Keystone East Line without managerial control, said U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker (R-Pa.), whose new legislation would allow the Commonwealth “to provide greater local control, accountability, and expand ridership opportunities.”

Will Ownership of Amtrak’s Keystone East Line Transfer to Pennsylvania?

U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker (R-Pa.) has introduced legislation requiring a transfer of ownership of Amtrak’s Keystone East Line and some of its 12 stations to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Under the Keystone Line for the Commonwealth Act, the line between Harrisburg, Pa., and Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station would be managed by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT).

From Plastic Waste to Fuel—Improving the Environment

It’s not the plastic water bottle that causes the most harm to sea birds, but the cap, which is mistaken for food. A non-profit in Hawaii ensured that more than 1.2 million plastic caps and lids will never get into the environment and harm sea birds by taking action to collect and recycle them. But this is no ordinary type of recycling, which aims to turn a plastic product back into another plastic product with the addition of more plastic.

‘Underpinning of Distressed Foundations’

“Every now and then, failures of different types of structures are reported in the news,” say Avanish Prasad and Purnima Prasad. “Some of these failures are a result of static and dynamic loading being applied to structures beyond their life cycle. It is imperative that engineers understand the behavior of structures under different types of static and dynamic loading, and analyze a structure undergoing underpinning operations to avoid failures.”

OmniTRAX: Building Business in Brownsville

OmniTRAX is bringing the Rail-Ready Sites program to its 45-mile Brownsville & Rio Grande International Railway (BRG) in Cameron County, Texas. The Broe Group affiliate is partnering with Greater Brownsville Economic Development Corp. (GBEDC) to connect rail-served properties with customers interested in locating in the area—near the Port of Brownsville and Mexico.

RSI: Three New Board Members; Brewin Appointed to RSAC

The Railway Supply Institute has elected Tricia Charles, Jeff Lytle and Harrison Wadsworth to its board of directors for three-year terms beginning Jan. 1, 2021. As well, RSI Vice President Government and Public Affairs Nicole Brewin was appointed to the Federal Railroad Administration Rail Safety Advisory Committee (RSAC).

Cowen 3Q2020 Surveys: 2021 Railcar Recovery, Shipper Pricing Expectations Higher

According to two third-quarter 2020 surveys conducted by Cowen and Company analysts Jason Seidl, Matt Elkott and Adam Kramer, freight car order expectations by the shipper sub-group of railcar buyers have risen, “reflecting a net incremental positive for demand”; and rail shippers expect rail price increases of 3.1%, up 80bps sequentially, as “economic expectations increased sequentially and many are now in line with the survey’s averages, if not higher.”