AAR: FORR NPRM “Unlawful”; SMDA Should Be Limited in Scope

The Association of American Railroads (AAR) on Nov. 12 filed comments with the Surface Transportation Board (STB) regarding two NPRMs (Notice of Proposed Rulemakings): Final Offer Rate Review (FORR) and Streamlined Market Dominance Approach (SMDA). The former, AAR said, should be scrapped because it is “unlawful” and lacks standards. The latter requires substantial limitations in scope.

GE locomotive Kansas City Southern

KCS Announces New Capital Allocation Policy

Kansas City Southern’s (KCS) Board of Directors recently approved a new capital allocation policy, under which it intends to deploy available cash in the following manner: approximately 40-50% to capital projects and strategic investments, and approximately 50-60% to share repurchases and dividends.

Honoring Their Service, And Much More

RAILWAY AGE, NOVEMBER 2019 ISSUE: The U.S. military’s long association with North American railroading exists on several levels. First, railroads fulfilled the military’s crucial need for movement of troops and equipment both at home and abroad, dating back to at least the Civil War. During World War I, the U.S. government assumed operation of the railroads, but the daily operation was still carried out by the roads’ employees. During World War II, U.S. railroads completed the Herculean task of serving not only the military, but the general boom in wartime traffic resulting from a strengthening economy and manufacturing needs generated mainly by the war. The Korean conflict and the Vietnam War also placed significant demands on the railroads, as have more recent conflicts in the Middle East. Also, railroad infrastructure on foreign soil during wartime required professional railroaders to join the military to build and maintain U.S. and Allied railroads near the zones of hot conflict.

Three NS Trains Collide in Western Pennsylvania

Three Norfolk Southern freight trains were involved in a Nov. 8 derailment in Hempfield, Pa., about three miles east of Greensburg, Pa. (near Pittsburgh), on the high-density Pittsburgh-Philadelphia double-track main line. There were no injuries and no hazmat spills. NS restored service on both main tracks early Nov. 10. The cause of the derailment remains under investigation.