Author: David Peter Alan

New York vs. New Jersey: Law, Equity and Politics

For many years, Albert L. Papp, a longtime transit advocate in New Jersey, has referred to the river that separates New York and New Jersey geographically as the “Hudson Ocean.” Today, a conflict between the transit providers in the two states (with Connecticut also playing a minor role) provides the latest example of a feud that bestows credibility upon the moniker that Papp conferred upon the river.

FDOT Grants Brightline Deadline Reprieve (Updated)

Brightline, Florida’s private-sector passenger railroad that is building a line from West Palm Beach to Orlando International Airport (MCO), continuing west to Walt Disney World and Tampa, has been spared from missing a July 31 deadline imposed by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). The project will still take longer to complete than originally projected, but is proceeding.

Massachusetts Studies Post-COVID Work and Travel

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts on July 13 released a report on work and travel patterns, along with other issues, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The 82-page study, “Preparing for the Future of Work,” addresses what work could look like in Massachusetts in both the near term (to 2025) and the longer term (to 2030), as well as “what the implications might be for the Commonwealth and its residents across its regions, economic sectors, commercial centers, local downtowns, transportation, and public spaces.”