Author: David Peter Alan

RUN Conference Highlights National Issues

At an on-line conference on Friday, April 28, a number of regionally and nationally known presenters focused on expanding passenger rail in the Mid-Atlantic region and connectivity in that part of the

NJT, SEPTA, Metro-North at 40

RAILWAY AGE, APRIL 2023 ISSUE: Imagine going back 40 years to early 1983. The only passenger trains running along much of Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor (NEC) were operated by Amtrak itself. Otherwise, what


Dreamstar Lines: Back to the Future?

During the “Golden Age of Railroading” in the middle of the past century, the Southern Pacific’s Lark was the train to take between Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, at

RUN to Newark on April 28

Several editors here at Railway Age, along with rail managers, planners and advocates from the Northeast Region and elsewhere in the country, will RUN to Newark, N.J on April 28 for a


Amtrak Adirondack Returning to the Rails

Amtrak’s New York City-Montreal Adirondack train, the only Amtrak service that was discontinued because of the COVID virus, is finally coming back. Its first northbound run from Penn Station New York will


Oleksandr Kamyshin, Rail Force of One

Through two decades of writing about rail in publications of national scope, I have always concentrated on rail and transit news in the United States and Canada, leaving the international scene to