Rapid Transit

Cold Comfort

RAILWAY AGE, AUGUST 2020 ISSUE, ANNUAL WINTER PREPAREDNESS REPORT: Winter preparedness is essential for avoiding frozen equipment, malfunctioning cars, service delays or even suspended operations.
Fail to prepare for winter’s harsh conditions and your railroad will be running on ice—literally and figuratively. One railroad that prepares for winter’s onslaught is BNSF, which has some of the most rugged territory in North America.

The Federal Transit Man: Where is the New York MTA Traffic Mobility Review Board?

New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman Pat Foye has been consistently outspoken in his criticism of President Trump and the Federal Highway Administration concerning obtaining permission from Washington to begin congestion pricing in Manhattan. Foye and others blame both the President and FHWA for continued delays in advancement of the federal NEPA Environmental Review process. The MTA has been waiting for guidance to determine if congestion pricing implementation will need a less-detailed Environmental Assessment or more complex Environmental Impact Statement.

Lauthier to Lead Humatics’ NYC Team

Microlocation products and software provider Humatics Corp. announced that its Director of Sales, Rail and Transit Joffrey Lauthier has been appointed to lead its New York City team, which aims to improve the city’s transit system. The announcement comes on the heels of a 15-month signaling pilot leveraging ultra-wideband (UWB) technology with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and Siemens on the L train.