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Lilee Systems, Alstom debut PTC communications system

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

Lilee Systems and Alstom have introduced a new, jointly developed communications management technology that they say “will become the backbone of Alstom’s Positive Train Control (PTC) system.” The technology is on display at Railway Interchange 2013, at the RSSI Communications & Signaling Exhibition.

“The CMU-2000 family of communications manager units (CMUs) will enhance the safety and performance of passenger rail service by enabling fast, reliable transmission of PTC data signals and commands,” says Alstom Director of PTC Operations Steve Zwart.

The CMUs consist of an onboard Mobile Communications Manager (MCM), wayside Base Radio Communications Manager (BRCM) and Base Communications Manager (BCM) equipment, and an Office Communications Manager (OCM) at network control centers or remote offices. Together, these units relay information from PTC-equipped trains back to central operations centers and allow system operators to enforce speed limits and signals. The CMU-2000 family is fully compliant with Advanced Civil Speed Enforcement System (ACSES) communications protocols, including ATCS specifications 200 and 250, being deployed along Amtrak’s Boston-New York-Washington D.C. Northeast Corridor.

“These new communication manager units were specifically designed to operate seamlessly with Alstom’s ACSES PTC system, which is currently operating along the Northeast Corridor,” says Zwart. “Their underlying technology is based on more than a decade of successful PTC implementation and can meet the needs of any operator.”

“Meeting the need for reliable communications along the Northeast Corridor PTC network carries forward the momentum of our partnership with Alstom while demonstrating our commitment to deliver advanced technology tailored to address customers’ PTC challenges,” says Lilee Systems CEO Jia-Ru Li. “Together with Alstom, we have launched a robust line of products that provide interoperability for use on the country’s busiest rail corridor while leaving plenty of room for future enhancement.”

The partnership between Alstom and Lilee Systems, announced in April 2013, was formed to address the need for Interoperable Train Control (ITC) system management among end users of vital wayside products. With the addition of the first fully interoperable family of ACSES communications management products, Alstom and Lilee Systems “are pioneering the next generation of passenger rail communications and control technology.”

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