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Amtrak needs to lead by example

If the new Amtrak management team is sincerely trying to improve safety, we ought to all support what they are doing. But if Amtrak is only using safety as a stalking horse to pursue another agenda (such as discontinuing L-D trains, as is believed in many circles), it should be called out on it.

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Amtrak: Diesel fleet PTC-compliant by deadline

Working with Rockwell Collins, Amtrak plans to equip approximately 310 diesel-electric locomotives with Positive Train Control (PTC) technology to comply with the Dec. 31, 2018 federal deadline mandated by the amended Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

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AAR expresses solidarity with Amtrak after congressional hearing

Following the June 2, 2015 oversight hearing of the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee on Amtrak’s May 12 fatal derailment of Northeast Regional Train 188 (which according to many observers had very little to do with discussing the accident itself and its possible cause—see David Schanoes’ blog), Association of American Railroads President and CEO Ed Hamberger commended Amtrak President and CEO Joe Boardman “for reinforcing his passenger railroad’s firm commitment to safety.”

Amtrak sets key 2014 capital projects

During 2014, Amtrak plans to move forward on key capital improvement projects, including continued installation of PTC (Positive Train Control) safety technology, the start of major construction to upgrade Northeast Corridor high speed rail, and expansion of station accessibility for passengers with disabilities.

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Are two-person crews less safe than a single engineer?

News item: The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) ordered MTA Metro-North Railroad to have two qualified crewmembers in the lead cab until Metro-North’s signal system is updated to ensure automatic train control (ATC) slows trains automatically if the engineer fails to adhere to a speed reduction requirement greater than 20 mph below maximum allowable speed.
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Lilee Systems, Alstom debut PTC communications system

Lilee Systems and Alstom have introduced a new, jointly developed communications management technology that they say “will become the backbone of Alstom’s Positive Train Control (PTC) system.” The technology is on display at Railway Interchange 2013, at the RSSI Communications & Signaling Exhibition.
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SYSTRA improves RAILSIM® capabilities for ASCES modeling

SYSTRA has implemented enhancements to its RAILSIM® modeling program for the Advanced Civil Speed Enforcement System (ACSES) Positive Train Control (PTC) system. ACSES is the overlay PTC technology utilized on Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor.