Watco taps HTI for PTC

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Herzog Technologies, Inc. (HTI) has entered into a contract with short line holding company Watco Companies, LLC to provide PTC (positive train control) program management and back office hosting services.

Through this arrangement, which HTI describes as a “strategic partnership,” HTI will lead all areas of Watco’s PTC efforts, including project management, coordination with the Federal Railroad Administration and connecting railroads, which will require interoperability, as well as training and compliance.

Additionally, Herzog PTC Hosting will allow for Watco locomotives to become connected to the Interoperable Train Control network, thus allowing for their full operation in territories where PTC is required.

HTI has just launched a Cloud-based PTC system using technology from Red Hat, Inc., a provider of open-source systems.


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