New EMD Power for Mongolia

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Engineering, procurement and construction contractor Bodi International has entered into an agreement with Progress Rail, a Caterpillar Company, to purchase 16 EMD® SD70Ace/LW locomotives for Mongolia’s Tavantolgoi-Gashuunsukhait Railway project.

Construction on the 155-mile Tavantolgoi-Gashuunsukhait Railway, which will be operated by Mongolian-government-owned Tavan Tolgoi Railway Co., is expected to finish in 2022. The new locomotives are designed for the 1,520 mm (4 feet, 9.84 inch) broad gauge right-of-way and will be powered by 16-cyclinder EMD® 710 Series prime-movers rated at 4,500 BHP (3,355 kW). The units are compliant with International Union of Railways and EU Stage IIIA emissions standards. Progress Rail anticipates locomotive deliveries to begin in 2022.

The 155 mile-long-route is located on a north/south alignment between Russia and China.

The SD70ACe/LW for Mongolia is similar to units built for Russia, and competes directly with the Wabtec (GE) 4,400-hp unit for international markets sometimes offered under the model name TE33A.

“Thousands of SD70ACe locomotives operate in heavy-haul service across the globe, including North America, South America, the Middle East, Africa and Australia,” Progress Rail notes. “Built on this expertise and utilizing the extensive engineering resources of the Progress Rail and Caterpillar teams in the U.S. and Russia, the SD70ACe/LW Locomotive is designed specifically to meet the latest Russian Custom Union Technical Regulations and operating environment.

“Our engineering and commercial teams consistently go above and beyond to meet the needs of our global customers, and this project serves as a prime example of that,” said Marty Haycraft, President and CEO of Progress Rail. “These locomotives will undergo rugged service and must be able to withstand harsh conditions. We welcome the opportunity to showcase the leading performance of our EMD® engines in these new units for Bodi International.”


  • Designed to meet TR/TS and GOST regulations, including 9238-1T Clearance Profile.
  • Two-stroke, 16-cylinder 710 engine. EU IIIA Emissions Compliant. Tuned for maximum fuel efficiency. Dynamic Gas Blending™ option available for up to 70% substitution of diesel with liquefied natural gas.
  • Isolated cab for reduced driver exposure to noise and vibration.
  • High-adhesion radial bogie design.
  • Traction system provides individual axle control.
  • Inverter-driven accessories for improved fuel economy.
  • EMD® Functionally Integrated Railroad Electronics (FIRE™) HMI (human-machine interface).
  • Optional IntelliTrain® remote monitoring and diagnostic services.
  • Extended maintenance intervals of 184 days.
  • Operates in extreme weather conditions and climates down to –50°C.
  • EM2000™ Microprocessor Control System with excitation, load, adhesion and engine control; and a diagnostic system with archived unit history data.
  • AC traction.
  • Diesel engine: 16-710G3C-T2.
  • Number of axles: 6.
  • Locomotive height: 5,066 mm (16.62 feet).
  • Length over couplers: 22,708 mm (74.5 feet).
  • Maximum Speed: 120 kph (74 mph).
  • Starting tractive effort: 660 kN (148,374 foot-pounds).
  • Dynamic braking effort: 365 kN (82,055 foot-pounds).
  • Fuel capacity: 9,300 litres (2,447 gallons).
  • Maximum weight: 150 +0/-3% mT (metric tons).
  • Maximum axle load: 25 mT.
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