Koppers treated crossties. (Koppers Photograph)
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Active Sleepers

RAILWAY AGE, APRIL 2023 ISSUE: Foundational to the freight and passenger rail network, crossties handle pressure from all sides—from train weight to Mother Nature.

Herzog continues to automate its audit process for rail flaw detection. (Photograph Courtesy of Herzog)
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Health Trackers

RAILWAY AGE, JUNE 2022 ISSUE: Track geometry and rail flaw detection product overview and market outlook.

RailWorks comprises PNR Railworks, a track construction, rehabilitation and maintenance company in Canada; LK Comstock, a transit rail systems specialty electrical contractor; and NARSTCO, a manufacturer of steel crossties and turnout crosstie sets.
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Bernhard Capital Completes RailWorks Acquisition

Bernhard Capital Partners Management is the new owner of RailWorks Corp., a track construction and maintenance services provider; it completed the acquisition from Wind Point Partners on Nov. 10.

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Bernhard Capital Acquiring RailWorks

Bernhard Capital Partners Management will acquire RailWorks Corp., a track construction and maintenance services provider, in fourth-quarter 2021, the private-equity management firm reported on Sept. 30.

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Precision Measuring

RAILWAY AGE, JUNE 2021 ISSUE: Suppliers are providing the latest technologies to help railroads assess rail alignment and health, quickly and accurately.