ARCI: 1Q24 Shows Increases in Railcar Orders, Deliveries

Written by Carolina Worrell, Senior Editor
(Photograph by William C. Vantuono)

(Photograph by William C. Vantuono)

Newly released date by the Railway Supply Institute (RSI) American Railway Car Institute Committee (ARCI) shows increases in railcar orders and deliveries in 2024’s first quarter.

The data includes information on covered hoppers (over 5,500 c/f, 3,500-5,500 c/f, under 3,500 c/f); open top hoppers (steel, aluminum); gondolas (GB steel, GT steel, GT aluminum); flat cars (non-intermodal, intermodal); non-articulated/articulated (five-unit platforms, other platforms); and tank cars.

In fourth-quarter 2024, railcar orders increased 40.8% to 5,864 from fourth-quarter 2023’s 4,164; deliveries were up 0.8% to 11,087 from the prior quarter’s 10,994; and backlog was down 10.4% to 46,413 from the prior year quarter’s 51,836.

Chart Courtesy of RSI ARCI

Railcar order, deliveries and backlog for first-quarter 2024 also showed losses over first-quarter 2023: order were down 29.4% from the 8,307 posted the same period last year; deliveries were down 1.85% from the 11,296 logged in first-quarter 2023; and backlog was down 17.2% from the 56,062 logged for the same period last year.

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