Ancora Holdings Group LLC


For NS, a Final White-Card Push

May 8, 2024: With its Annual Meeting of Shareholders just hours away, Norfolk Southern in the past few days has ramped up its efforts to convince shareholders to reject the takeover attempt


NS vs. CSX Recrews

In our prior report, we highlighted Ancora’s fraught and incurious NS vs. CSX operational benchmarking, specifically terminal dwell and trains holding for power. We took particular issue with the extraordinarily misleading 2023

ISS Endorses NS Director Slate—Mostly (Updated)

ISS—not the International Space Station weighing in from 1.33 million feet (246 miles) above the earth’s surface in orbit, but that other ISS, proxy advisory firm Institutional Shareholder Services—is endorsing seven of

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Some Questionable NS vs. CSX Analysis

On April 18, Ancora hosted a townhall in New York City for Norfolk Southern stockholders, and during that meeting [potential new NS board member] Gil Lamphere implored the audience to read the

Ancora Accelerates NS Takeover Attempt (Updated)

Ohio-based Ancora Holdings Group LLC, with affiliates and other participants—collectively called the “Investor Group”—on Feb. 20 launched a formal takeover attempt of Norfolk Southern, announcing eight prospective board members, a new CEO