Stadler US settling in Salt Lake City

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Switzerland-based rail transit vehicle supplier Stadler Rail has chosen Salt Lake City to establish a manufacturing base for its U.S. subsidiary, Stadler US Inc., beginning next year with construction of a carbuilding plant and test track. Currently, Stadler is leasing space from the Utah Transit Authority at its Warm Springs facility, employing 115.

Stadler’s new facility will be located at 150 South 5600 West and will take approximately ten years or less for a full buildout, depending on future orders. Phase 1 will begin in early 2018 with construction of a $50 million manufacturing plant with office building, new roads, utilities, and a test track. Growth, the company said, will be “modular and scaled to match the needs of future client orders.”

Based on a growth forecast, Stadler expects to employ up to 1,000 direct employees within the next 10 years and more indirect employees as its local supplier basis. Expansions have not been priced out.

“The location is minutes away from the International Airport and has land ready for Stadler to construct an 0.6-mile North American test track to be used for testing and commissioning of our trains before they ship to clients across the U.S. and North America,” said CEO Martin Ritter. “The skilled, educated, and dedicated workforce along the Wasatch Front combined with high quality-of-life convinced us to stay and establish our permanent headquarters in Utah. We commend Utah and all the cities and organizations that worked so hard over the past two years to assist Stadler in completing this transition. We are excited to be a part of the community along the Wasatch-Front and look forward to a great partnership.”

“There were several locations in Utah that Stadler executives considered when determining where to grow their U.S. operations,” said Salt Lake City Economic Development Director Lara Fritts. “Ultimately, Salt Lake City’s proximity to two major highway interstates, international airport, and connection with a Union Pacific intermodal hub made expanding in the capital city a sound business decision. For the past year, the Department of Economic Development has been engaged with Stadler to ensure its needs for this project are met. Our team, alongside partners at EDCUtah, GOED and the Downtown Alliance, provided tours to Stadler executives, solved storm drain issues to help Stadler activate its current site, provided permitting assistance, and coordinated with other city departments to ensure development timelines are met. We believe excellent customer service is major benefit to companies like Stadler, in addition to the clear economic advantage Salt Lake City offers compared to other cities and states.”

“We are more than thrilled to welcome, permanently, Stadler to Salt Lake City,” said Mayor Jackie Biskupski. “To have a company with a global footprint call the Northwest Quadrant home solidifies our city as a premier, strategic location for any company focused in logistics, manufacturing and distribution.”

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