Pandrol Platinum at IHHA

Written by Andrew Corselli
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Pandrol CEO Eran Gartner

Pandrol recently announced that it is the Platinum Sponsor of the International Heavy Haul Association (IHHA) STS Conference, which takes place on June 10-14 in Narvik, Norway.

The conference, which this year has a theme of “Heavy Haul 4.0 – Achieving Breakthrough Performance Levels,” will include Pandrol technical experts introducing subjects such as digital applications in aluminothermic welding; creating efficiency through predictive maintenance and heavy haul fastening systems standards; and the experience of delivering the Menghua Railway heavy haul project in China.

In addition, Pandrol will be showcasing its full line of products and services during the IHHA Conference, as well as unveiling its new mobile app, Pandrol Connect™, which, the company said, “enables live data capture, enhances workflow quality assurance, saves time and improves traceability.”

“Our company takes its name from the inventor of our revolutionary PR clip, the Norwegian railways engineer Per Pande-Rolfsen, so it’s quite fitting that we’re the Platinum Sponsor when the IHHA Conference takes place in Norway,” said Pandrol CEO Eran Gartner. “Scandinavia has always been an important market for us and it will be a great opportunity to demonstrate our global heavy haul expertise.”

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