Plasser American ROMILL URBAN 3 E3 hybrid rail milling machine. (Plasser American Photograph)
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Maximize Your Assets

RAILWAY AGE, MAY 2023 ISSUE: The newest milling, grinding and welding technologies and services help to extend rail life, and reduce noise.

John Dowie, Chief Commercial and Sales Officer, Pandrol (left) and Charles “Chuck” Lawson, Police Chief, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority.

People News: ARH, Pandrol, SEPTA

Anacostia Rail Holdings (ARH) establishes an Advisory Board. Also, Pandrol promotes John Dowie to Chief Commercial and Sales Officer; and Charles “Chuck” Lawson transitions to Police Chief at Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA).

“The Andersons’ railcar repair network aligns perfectly with Cathcart Rail’s strategic goal of offering a broad array of rail services across a national footprint,” said Casey Cathcart, Chairman and CEO of Cathcart Rail, whose Belpre Industrial Parkersburg Railroad received a Short Line of the Year Honorable Mention from Railway Age in 2021.
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Supply Side: Cathcart Rail/The Andersons, Pandrol, Ricardo

Columbus, Ohio-based Carthcart Rail on July 8 completed its acquisition of The Andersons’ railcar repair business. Also, global rail fastening supplier Pandrol has provided an Ultrasonic Rail Testing Kit to SBS Transit Ltd. in Singapore; and Ricardo and Danish firm PantoInspect will bring PanMon pantograph monitoring technology to railroads across North America and Latin America.

Pandrol’s under tie pads are manufactured using about 5 pounds (or 2.3 kilograms) of end-of-life tires per tie, which the company said produces “a carbon footprint that is less than half of the same product using virgin material.” It noted that “[e]very kilometer of railway track installed with Pandrol’s Under Sleeper [tie] Pads saves 3,000 tires from landfill or burning.”
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Supply Side: Pandrol, TRAC Intermodal

Global rail fastening supplier Pandrol has received a CO2-neutral label for its under tie pads. Also, marine chassis pool manager and equipment provider TRAC Intermodal has partnered American Made Chassis (AMC) to boost its fleet of 40-foot chassis.

The Pandrol CD100 clip driver is part of company’s E+ product line.
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Pandrol Debuts E+ Products

Global rail infrastructure specialist Pandrol has launched E+, a new range of sustainable, resilient systems and battery-powered tools.

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Extending Rail Life, With Precision

RAILWAY AGE, MAY 2021 ISSUE: Regular steel rail maintenance not only extends service life, but also helps ensure safety. That’s why suppliers of grinding, milling and welding equipment and services are always fine-tuning and introducing new offerings to meet railroad needs. They discuss those, and today’s market.

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RAILWAY AGE, OCTOBER 2020 ISSUE: Gauge-holding capability, resiliency, noise reduction, ease of installation and maintenance, low life-cycle cost, safety: Railroads rely on fasteners with these qualities to perform under heavy traffic.