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Five product lines, one brand: Pandrol

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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The Delachaux Group is launching a rebranding effort aimed at bringing all its rail businesses under the Pandrol brand. The company says the move “enhances its commitment to the rail infrastructure market and comes as part of a strategic review to make the products and services more streamlined for customers and create a synergy from the combined strengths of its rail division businesses.”

The Pandrol brand will now encompass Railtech (welding, equipment and electrification solutions); Vortok, Pandrol CDM Track, Rosenqvist, Matweld and RSS (specialist rail equipment companies); and Pandrol (fastening systems). The company will focus on five key product lines: Rail Infrastructure; Fastening Systems; Aluminothermic Welding; Equipment and Control; and Electrification. The Delachaux Group says that combined businesses, as a single entity, “will collectively develop and deliver integrated rail infrastructure solutions for customers” and “will look beyond existing product portfolios to focus on maximizing rail infrastructure availability, safety and the lifetime value of rail infrastructure for customers.”

“This move will reinforce our position as a market leading partner to our customers, who will benefit even further from our collaborative approach while we ensure that their requirements are met and exceeded,” said Delachaux Group CEO Guy Talbourdet. “Our rail companies have a strong history of bringing game-changing innovation to the rail industry. We feel that we can generate benefits by being a tier-one partner to our rail operator customers, and Pandrol is here to solve our customer’s issues and to co-develop solutions, for short term challenges up to projects including the whole life-cycle of rail infrastructure. We want to make the rail industry better, smarter and safer. Customers bring us their biggest rail infrastructure challenges every day. They need an innovative, reliable, responsive rail infrastructure partner and they know they can trust the Pandrol brand to deliver. Our new structure and strategy allows us to connect our products and co-operate across geographies, advancing the best of our current business to develop products and services beyond the existing range.”


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