ZTR, GATX PIVOT™ to Telematics

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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ZTR and GATX have signed a strategic agreement to install PIVOT™, ZTR’s new railcar remote monitoring telematics solution, on GATX’s North American railcar fleet. It will interface, the companies say, with the RailPulse platform.

ZTR describes PIVOT™ as an advanced remote monitoring solution with wireless technology purpose-built for the railcar industry. BlackBerry Radar technology powers PIVOT™ asset tracking, creating “the potential to track GPS location, trip progress, impact detection, load/unload status, hand brake position and the open/close status of doors, hatches as well as gates,” ZTR notes. “The platform also has a full suite of reporting and configurable alerts, turning any railcar into a smart railcar. Railroads and shippers can benefit from reduced turnaround times, instant identification of delayed or misrouted railcars, and continuous monitoring of the integrity of goods and railcars, all while reducing overall operating costs and maximizing utilization of their existing fleet.”

“This partnership underscores the commitment of both companies to provide innovative solutions that enhance the railcar leasing experience,” ZTR notes. “The PIVOT™ telematics solution will collect, monitor and distribute data through the ZTR platform as well as the RailPulse platform from GPS gateways and wireless sensors mounted on railcars to drive improved service levels, visibility, and productivity into rail-based supply chains.”

“This collaboration is a testament to GATX’s commitment to innovation and relentless pursuit of enhancing the customer experience,” said GATX Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Rail North America Robert A. Zmudka. “Our selection marks an important step in progressing RailPulse’s collective mission to make it easier to ship by rail using new technologies. With ZTR’s PIVOT™ solution, our customers can benefit from increased visibility into the location, condition and performance of their fleets.”

ZTR President Sam Hassan calls the agreement with GATX “a significant milestone in the evolution of railcar leasing. This strategic agreement will enrich the leasing experience for customers as we usher in a new era of digitalization to deliver unparalleled insights and efficiency in the world of rail transportation.”

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