TransmetriQ Adds Railcar Repair Maintenance Planning, Shop Finder

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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TransmetriQ, a Railinc® brand that provides rail management software, has added Program Maintenance and Shop Locator functionalities to its Asset Manager offering. Together, these modules facilitate an integrated process for fleet maintenance strategic planning, shop identification, and repair work initiation. The tools “uniquely consider fleet location, current status and—most important—user-defined requirements to identify the optimal time and place for repairs and maintenance.”

“Fleet owners who have lacked a central resource to plan and oversee fleet health and compliance initiatives can easily adopt Asset Manager as their single source of maintenance planning and fleet monitoring,” TransmetriQ notes. “With robust in-platform reporting, users can access insights regarding the status of asset maintenance and repair projects. Shippers that lease or own their rail equipment need information to manage the safe and efficient use of their fleets. Asset Manager is designed to provide insights that help shippers and car owners gather and act on that vital fleet information, helping them improve cost control, car availability, and complex data management in one integrated solution.”

TransmetriQ says its Program Maintenance module “provides complete program support”:

  • Definition of program elements.
  • Description(s) of work to be performed.
  • Storage of drawings and documents such as technical specifications.
  • Single-source access to fleet health and location data.
  • Creation of alerts and notifications around maintenance work.
  • Views of individual car and program-level progress.

TransmetriQ Shop Locator features include:

  • Identification of potential repair locations based on car location, shop capabilities 
and serving railroad.
  • Initiation of shopping requests to facilities within a specified distance.
  • Initiation of communication with shop(s) for availability, turn times and rates.
  • Automatic addition of work scope definition based on DDCT incidents, open alerts and optional program maintenance to shop requests.

“Historically, it has been challenging to execute program maintenance and repairs in a way that causes the least disruption to operations,” says TransmetriQ Product Manager Gregg Phillips. “These new features aid fleet managers in identifying opportunities to execute maintenance, selecting a repair shop, and initiating the shop request, all within seconds—ultimately getting cars back into revenue service faster.”

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