Big Data, Optimized Processes, Analytics

RAILWAY AGE, FEBRUARY 2020 ISSUE: Effective use of new tools can improve railcar management, utilization and profitability. Rail equipment owners and lessors—key users of railcar data—manage their fleets in a dynamic environment that fluctuates with changing market demands, railroad operating priorities and real-world conditions. Relying on knowledge, experience and diligence, industry fleet managers keep things moving safely, reliably and efficiently.

AHSI: Big Data For Better Asset Health

The railroad industry estimates that advances in fault detection technology are preventing more than 700 road failures monthly on the North American system, based on 2019 preliminary statistics. Among the efforts to identify the causes of failure and further understand issues that affect freight rail performance and safety is the Association of American Railroads Asset Health Strategic Initiative (AHSI), data from which is shared with Railinc.

Rolling Asset Health

Railway Age, June 2019 Issue, Combining Big Data Analytics With Remote Monitoring: Advancing safe and efficient rail operations continues to be a primary focus of North American freight railroad operations. What is particularly exciting right now is that the data available to railroads, both in its detail and volume, enables them to manage their operations in ways that were not possible before.

Rolling with Big Data

The emerging role of Data Science, commonly known as “Big Data” in railroad maintenance, was discussed earlier in Railway Age (“Better Railroading Through Big Data.”) As noted, railroads are developing and implementing new generations of sophisticated inspection and monitoring systems, and as a result are finding themselves collecting large volumes of data.

Railinc, LGS Innovations complete cybersecurity risk assessment

LGS Innovations recently announced it has successfully completed a comprehensive cybersecurity risk assessment contract with Railinc Corp., the railroad industry’s “most innovative and reliable resource for IT and information services.” Under the terms of this contract, LGS Innovations conducted a thorough analysis of Railinc’s IT internal and external cybersecurity operations and processes and provided Railinc with a comprehensive assessment of its findings. This project enabled Railinc to validate its cybersecurity framework that governs its business and customer relationships.

GFRR deploys Railinc’s Interline Settlement System

The Georgia & Florida Railway, LLC (GFRR), an affiliate of OmniTRAX, Inc., “continues to make shipping by rail easy” with the implementation of Railinc’s Interline Settlement System (ISS) in partnership with Norfolk Southern, CSX Transportation and GE Transportation’s Digital Solutions business. ISS is the standard process in the rail industry to share revenue when two or more railroads handle a shipment. Additional OmniTRAX rail lines will convert to ISS in collaboration with the company’s Class I rail partners during the coming months.