Safety as a Common Goal: Union Pacific’s De Soto Shop Celebrates its Team Spirit

Written by Union Pacific, Corporate Communications
Mechanical team members at the De Soto car shop saluted teamwork and safety at the July gathering.

Mechanical team members at the De Soto car shop saluted teamwork and safety at the July gathering.

Union Pacific's De Soto, Missouri, car shop recently celebrated a one-year reportable injury-free milestone – an achievement the team last reached in 2015 – with a group lunch served up by management.

The repair shop’s employees rebuild and maintain railcars needed to support Union Pacific’s network, and the lunch was a reminder of the team’s collaborative mindset and their commitment to looking out for each other.

“The craft professionals at De Soto are extremely proud of the product they provide to Union Pacific and the industry,” said Damon Campbell, System Car Facility director at the shop. “They embrace the concepts of teamwork and ownership, and they truly understand that each team member plays a part.”

To celebrate this safety record, craft professionals enjoyed smoked chicken with the entire management team working the serving line, Campbell said.

The De Soto shop is looking ahead to early November, when the team will reach its best-ever injury-free goal of 468 days.

Campbell, who is pleased with the direction the team is headed in, said this milestone symbolizes what can be accomplished when everyone comes together to reach a common goal of maintaining an injury-free environment.

“Our team members understand the importance of peer-to-peer engagement,” Campbell said. “We are committed to working together to ensure everyone goes home safe by holding each other accountable to work safe, be productive, and follow the rules and procedures.”

“Each day is a step forward towards reaching best ever results for this facility, becoming a high performing team and ultimately realizing the true potential of everyone,” he said. 

De Soto car shop team members celebrated their one year injury-free milestone on July 26, 2023.
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