Author: Union Pacific

Antonio Marquez, conductor, San Antonio, Tex. (Photograph Courtesy of UP)

Military Prepared Marquez for Life on the Rails

How do Union Pacific (UP) employees provide safe and reliable service year-after-year in a 24/7 outdoor factory? Conductor Antonio Marquez credits his 18-year reportable injury-free career to situational awareness and knowing what’s required to safely complete each job.

Union Pacific's Forest Products Scrap Paper Team (2022)

Paper Folds Neatly Into Union Pacific’s Sustainability Goals

The corrugated box arrives on your front porch carrying flannel pajamas and slippers, only to leave via the recycling bin on your back porch. The box will return, however, either to your porch or maybe your neighbor’s after winding its way through the supply chain with the help of Union Pacific and its Forest Products Scrap Paper Campaign.

The new chairlift in operation on the slopes, Sun Valley, Idaho, 1937.

Union Pacific Invented the Ski Chairlift?

You expect innovation from a name like Union Pacific, although with the company’s rich history, you may be surprised how far its achievements in technology and engineering reach. Take for example the ski chairlift, spotlighted in the Union Pacific Museum’s newest exhibit, “Discovered!: Winter Sports Under a Summer Sun: The Railroad and Sun Valley.”

GPS devices are providing real-time information and visibility of railcars’ location, condition and health. (Photograph and Caption Courtesy of UP)

RailPulse: Next-Gen Railcar Tracking

Union Pacific (UP) employees may notice some new tech riding the rails this fall—50 railcars equipped with a GPS device are being released onto the network, providing real-time information and visibility of the car’s location, condition and health to shippers, railcar owners and railroads.