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Astronaut Megan McArthur Behnken (right) returns the Big Boy locomotive challenge coin that she brought into space to Scott Moore, Union Pacific Senior Vice President-Corporate Relations and Chief Administrative Officer (left). (Caption and Photograph Courtesy of UP)

Astronaut Returns ‘Big Boy’ Coin to UP

Union Pacific’s (UP) Big Boy No. 4014 locomotive may be forever tied to Earth, but one astronaut believes the famed steam engine shares a lot in common with mankind’s drive to explore the heavens.

Left Image — From left, Jeff Maxfield’s father, Fred; his grandfather, Wilbur; and his uncle, Danny, in 1954. Right Image — Jeff Maxfield’s grandfather Wilbur Maxfield marks his last trip as a locomotive engineer April 25, 1981. Wilbur waves from the locomotive cab. Family members, from left, Jeff’s aunt, Sherri, holding him; Jeff’s uncles Gary, Tom and Danny; Jeff’s great-grandfather Floyd; and Jeff’s father, Fred. (Caption and Photographs Courtesy of Union Pacific)

For Maxfield Family, 400-Plus Years of Railroad Service

It takes a lot of digging and research to find a time when someone from Jeff Maxfield’s family wasn’t working for the railroad. In fact, the Union Pacific (UP) Manager-Field Operations Support’s family collectively boasts more than 400 years of railroad service throughout five generations.

Michael Soriano, Manager-Safety Field Operations at UP, is proud to be a multigenerational railroader. (Photograph and Caption Courtesy of UP)

Meet the Sorianos: Michael, Nen, Rick, Sal, Seth

Michael Soriano, Manager-Safety Field Operations, isn’t the first Union Pacific (UP) railroader in his family, and he likely won’t be the last—so day-in and day-out, he does his best to ensure every