This conceptual drawing from around 1960 shows the combined BART and Muni Metro subway underneath Market Street at Powell. (Photograph and Caption Courtesy of SFMTA)

Celebrating BART at 50: A Critical Link for San Francisco

In September, our sister agency San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District, celebrated its 50th anniversary. BART service changed transportation in the Bay Area forever, connecting communities in a way that hadn’t been done before. For San Francisco, the construction of BART not only provided new travel options within the city and to the East Bay, but also built the Muni Metro system.

(Photograph Courtesy of CP)

Cowen: ‘Looking Down the Windy Tracks’

A strike has been averted for now as the major unions reached tentative agreements. Contracts details are expected to be in line with the Presidential Emergency Board recommendations. The railroads will have to gradually pass through costs as contracts are renewed if they want to keep margins intact. This may prove difficult as we head into an economic slowdown. We continue to favor Canadian Pacific (CP) in the rail group.


Is STB Facing Information Overload?

One might as well ask who threw the overalls in Mrs. Murphy’s chowder as to enquire what more the Surface Transportation Board (STB) might learn from additional public hearings on the question of whether railroads Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern should be permitted to merge, and under what conditions.


Pandemic Recovery: A Few “Long-COVID” Effects

When the COVID-19 virus struck in March 2020, ridership on passenger trains and rail transit in the United States and Canada fell precipitously. Railway Age, RT&S and International Railway Journal joined to cover that and other events in on the rail scene: passenger, transit, and freight, here in North America and around the world. Then, as events unfolded, we continued to follow ridership and service recovery on Amtrak, VIA Rail, and rail transit. Now, at the 2½-year mark, it is time to report again.


Who Spilled the Beans on Binding Arbitration?

Railway Age’s Frank N. Wilner seems to have been hiding in the HVAC ducts above Labor Secretary Marty Walsh’s office Sept. 15, observing what really transpired between rail labor and carrier management


Coincidence—Or Not?

The Federal Railroad Administration released on Sept. 22—six years after it was completed—a commissioned study, “Human Error Analyses Associated With Locomotive Cab Automation,” which “addressed the potential for errors that may occur during human-automation interaction with automated systems.”