Tealinc Transformation Takes Off

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Forsyth, Mont.-based railcar operating lessor/broker and rail transportation manager/consultant Tealinc, Ltd. has undergone a “fundamental change” in its organizational structure to “support customer business needs.” The company’s three divisions now have new leadership drawn from existing senior-level management.

Kristen Kempson is now Director-Marketing & Sales, with responsibility for marketing the Tealinc company brand, supporting customer equipment needs (buy/sell/lease/trade) and facilitating new business development.

Shannon Rodgers is now Director-Operations. She will continue leading management of Tealinc-owned and -managed rail assets to support customers’ long-term and short-term rail shipping needs. 

Yvonne Lufborough, as Director-Finance & Administration, will continue to lead Tealinc financial reporting including customer escrow accounting, accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Tealinc President Julie Mink

“To best support our clients ever-evolving rail transportation needs, we are revamping our companies’ organizational structure by designating three distinct leads for each of our divisions,” said Tealinc, Ltd. President Julie Mink. “I am confident that these changes will further empower our team to provide exemplary service to our new, existing and returning customers. Furthermore, the new organizational structure will evoke better internal partnership. These changes represent a significant step toward streamlining our holistic approach to rail transportation focused on the asset needs and service needs of our customers. This new structure will enable us to allocate resources and personnel expediently as industry conditions dictate.” 

Tealinc customers, including existing and new lessees, purchasing customers and trading partners, “will continue to find exceptional customer support,” the company said. “Requests for rail assets will remain the focus of Kristen Kempson. Requests for fleet management services will remain the focus of Shannon Rodgers. Management of financial accounting will remain the focus of Yvonne Lufborough.”

For Tealinc vendors and suppliers, the company said it “remains focused on growing its privately owned rail equipment fleet, which continues to be designed around its customers’ specific rail logistics needs. Contacts looking to sell assets should work directly with Julie Mink or Kristen Kempson. Contacts looking to explore preventative railcar maintenance, cycle-time reporting or other means to stay competitive when it comes to rail logistics and rail shipping should contact Shannon Rodgers. Contacts requiring help with escrow, account balances, accounts payable and accounts receivable should contact Yvonne Lufborough.” 

Tealinc, Ltd. describes itself as “solving rail transportation problems. Tealinc’s private railcar fleet is specially designed and tailored to best-meet our diverse, unique customer base. Our structure, which is based on a tactical, boutique approach, is focused on niche rail industry shippers, receivers and railroads who may be new to rail or unfamiliar with private rail equipment; are looking for personalized customer support; or looking for help in staying competitive within rail logistics. Tealinc focuses on assisting customers not only in acquiring and leasing private equipment but also in marketing, selling, leasing and assessing their private railcar fleet.”

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