Trainyard Tech upgrading NS Lamberts Point

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Norfolk Southern has awarded Trainyard Tech, LLC a contract to update the existing CLASSMASTER™ hump yard process control system at the Lamberts Point Coal Dumping Facility in Norfolk, Va.

The upgrade includes new computers and new process control system software for interfacing with the facility’s Empty Yard and Barney Yard. Trainyard Tech will be adding Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) RF readers to the system, enabling cars to be monitored throughout the coal dumping process. Included is TyTReporter, which Trainyard Tech describes as “a sophisticated railyard reporting tool, customizable by all levels of NS Lamberts Point users to simplify troubleshooting, analyze yard trends and review up-to-the minute historical performance. Drilling down to gather information about an individual railcar or yard device is quick and simple.”

Trainyard Tech will assume the technical leadership role to work within NS’s guidelines and timeframe. Included is installation supervision, operator and technical training and field service and in-service support.

CLASSMASTER™ system features include auto calibration, graphic playback, DTC; easily readable loggers; graphic playback; real-time hump list display; eBlock™, electronic track blocking; automatic report generation; AEI integration and list verification, I/O redundancy, hot standy operation and remote diagnostics. “Automatic calibration delivers the highest levels of accuracy quickly,” the company says.


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