Trainyard Tech LLC

Since implementing Yard Planner in early September, Norfolk Southern said it has seen improvements in the predictability of its Norris Yard operations. (NS Photograph)

NS Debuts ‘Yard Planner’ to Boost Safety, Service

Norfolk Southern (NS) is implementing Wabtec’s Yard Planner technology at Norris Yard in Birmingham, Ala., “to improve our operational consistency and increase on-time delivery of freight to our customers,” the Class I

Trainyard Tech Lands a Sweet Deal

Trainyard Tech, LLC is the winning bidder for the upgrade of the U.S. Sugar Corp. rail facility in Clewiston, Fla., with a Routemaster™ control system. The facility consists of two leads with 34 switches feeding a dumping facility for processing raw sugar cane, an operation that must take place within eight hours of harvest to avoid spoilage.

TyTReporter™ Tightens-Up CSX Avon Yard Ops

CSX has awarded a contract to Trainyard Tech, LLC to install the CLASSMASTER™ hump yard PCS (process control system) with TyTReporter™ at 55-classification-track Avon Yard in Indianapolis, Ind. When completed, CLASSMASTER PCS will be installed at all five of CSX’s hump yards.

Sure-Footed Sorting

RAILWAY AGE, JUNE 2021 ISSUE: Through technology, railroads can say
bye-bye to classification yard bottlenecks.

Trainyard Tech: CLASSMASTER™/DAP Synergies

Trainyard Tech, LLC, provides process control systems for Class I railroads in freight classification yards through its CLASSMASTERTM systems. “The biggest challenge for such process control systems is capturing precise railroad car momentum and speed,” the company says.

Trainyard Tech upgrading NS Lamberts Point

Norfolk Southern has awarded Trainyard Tech, LLC a contract to update the existing CLASSMASTER™ hump yard process control system at the Lamberts Point Coal Dumping Facility in Norfolk, Va.

CSX taps Trainyard Tech for Selkirk Yard upgrades

CSX Transportation has contracted with Trainyard Tech, LLC for a CLASSMASTER™ hump yard process control system and ROUTEMASTER™ receiving yard NX system at Selkirk Yard (former New York Central/Penn Central/Conrail), near Albany, N.Y. “This will bring Selkirk Yard up to 2018 standards and beyond for increased throughput, safety and user-friendly control and reporting,” Trainyard Tech said.