Trainyard Tech LLC

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Trainyard Tech Lands a Sweet Deal

Trainyard Tech, LLC is the winning bidder for the upgrade of the U.S. Sugar Corp. rail facility in Clewiston, Fla., with a Routemaster™ control system. The facility consists of two leads with 34 switches feeding a dumping facility for processing raw sugar cane, an operation that must take place within eight hours of harvest to avoid spoilage.

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Trainyard Tech Completes CSX Installation

Trainyard Tech, LLC has completed the installation of its CLASSMASTER™ hump yard process control system at CSX’s 56-classification-track Radnor Yard in Nashville, Tenn.

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TyTReporter™ Tightens-Up CSX Avon Yard Ops

CSX has awarded a contract to Trainyard Tech, LLC to install the CLASSMASTER™ hump yard PCS (process control system) with TyTReporter™ at 55-classification-track Avon Yard in Indianapolis, Ind. When completed, CLASSMASTER PCS will be installed at all five of CSX’s hump yards.

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Sure-Footed Sorting

RAILWAY AGE, JUNE 2021 ISSUE: Through technology, railroads can say
bye-bye to classification yard bottlenecks.

Trainyard Tech: CLASSMASTER™/DAP Synergies

Trainyard Tech, LLC, provides process control systems for Class I railroads in freight classification yards through its CLASSMASTERTM systems. “The biggest challenge for such process control systems is capturing precise railroad car momentum and speed,” the company says.

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Trainyard Tech upgrading NS Lamberts Point

Norfolk Southern has awarded Trainyard Tech, LLC a contract to update the existing CLASSMASTER™ hump yard process control system at the Lamberts Point Coal Dumping Facility in Norfolk, Va.

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CSX taps Trainyard Tech for Selkirk Yard upgrades

CSX Transportation has contracted with Trainyard Tech, LLC for a CLASSMASTER™ hump yard process control system and ROUTEMASTER™ receiving yard NX system at Selkirk Yard (former New York Central/Penn Central/Conrail), near Albany, N.Y. “This will bring Selkirk Yard up to 2018 standards and beyond for increased throughput, safety and user-friendly control and reporting,” Trainyard Tech said.

Norfolk Southern Conway screen

Trainyard Tech adds NS Conway yard

Trainyard Tech, LLC recently placed its CLASSMASTER™ Process Control System for hump yards in service at Norfolk Southern’s Conway Yard in Conway, Pa.