SKF, Siemens keep ’em rolling

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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SKF Railway photo.

SKF and Siemens Mobility have entered into a partnership that will integrate SKF’s Insight Rail condition-based maintenance technology Siemens’ Railigent Application Suite, which is linked with MindSphere, an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) operating system.

“This new cooperation between SKF and Siemens, which leverages the resources of SKF’s Digitalization initiative, will facilitate on-line monitoring of several important components such as wheelset bearings and wheels via Siemens’ Railigent Application Suite for mass transit and infrastructure operators,” the companies said. “The goal of this project is to help customers anticipate issues with individual components, and allow them to schedule maintenance only when it is required, using one single monitoring system.”

SKF Insight Rail is described as SKF’s “first fully wireless, condition-based monitoring system for railway rolling stock operators. Easy to install and operate, the solution provides local measurement, data analysis and display of actionable information via an intuitive app.”

Siemens describes Railigent as “a cloud-based Application Suite that provides a single interface for data collected from many different infrastructure and vehicle system components. Dubbed the ‘Internet of Trains’, Railigent gives operators the tools required to increase train availability by leveraging the power of the IIoT.”

“With Railigent, Siemens offers a powerful platform for a multitude of digital services,” said Filip Rosengren, Director, Railway Industry at SKF. “In particular, the system simplifies data access, enabling operators to gather essential data about the condition of their rolling stock components from a single access point.”

Johannes Emmelheinz, CEO of Customer Services at Siemens Mobility Division, said: “Wheelset bearings are critical components for any rolling stock operator. Together with SKF, we seek to move the industry toward the objective of 100% availability with safe, efficient service.”

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