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Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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In a Bentley Systems On-Demand Tech Talk, rail and transit expert Taylor Gilmore discusses how Bentley’s OpenRail Asset Reliability Transit Facility Condition Assessment tools can help transit agencies achieve a state of good repair (SGR) and comply with the Federal Transit Administration’s Transit Facility Condition Assessment requirements.

“The FTA Transit Facility Condition Assessment guidebook introduced new data collection and reporting requirements for transit agencies,” Gilmore explains. “Per MAP-21 legislation, transit agencies are required to routinely collect and report facility conditions to the National Transit Database (NTD). Bentley’s OpenRail Transit Facility Condition Assessment capabilities are purpose-built for FTA Facilities and Inspections and are the ideal solution to satisfying the new FTA requirements and advancing any agency’s Transit Asset Management (TAM) Plan.”

Transit agencies “now must comply with these requirements despite limited resources, and tight budgets,” Gilmore notes. “To satisfy the updated regulations, agencies are required to report the condition of each facility that supports transit operations, including administrative, maintenance, passenger, and parking facilities. The guidebook outlines a new methodology for collecting, aggregating, and reporting facility data to the National Transit Database. Facility condition assessments must be conducted by assessing the condition and assigning a rating for facility assets using FTA’s Transit Economic Requirements Model (TERM) scale. Additionally, the rule requires assessments to have a level of detail sufficient for monitoring and predicting the future performance of assets for investment prioritization within the agency’s TAM plan.

“Our OpenRail Asset Reliability provides comprehensive capabilities for reliability strategy development, inspection, maintenance, and management of transportation infrastructure assets. These proven capabilities give users universal access to track, station, service facility, rolling stock, bridge, tunnel, and transit asset data, from the field, road, or office.”

To download Bentley’s OpenRail Asset Reliability data sheet and access the On-Demand Tech Talk, click HERE.

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