Kansas City Southern

STB Chairman Oberman’s information request to the Class I chief executives is “designed to help the Board better understand the magnitude of container congestion, the purpose and effect of storage fees, and whether receivers are afforded relief when they lack the ability to facilitate the release of their containers.”

STB to Class I’s: Terminal Congestion, Demurrage Data, Please

Surface Transportation Board (STB) Chairman Martin J. Oberman has called on the CEOs of the seven North American Class I’s to provide information on the extent of congestion at key U.S. container terminals and on their policies and practices for assessing container demurrage fees, citing reports of “substantial charges being levied by the railroads for container storage at these terminals.”

“KCS delivered strong second-quarter volume growth, as our franchise benefited from unique growth drivers and the economy recovered from the COVID-19 downturn,” KCS President and CEO Patrick J. Ottensmeyer said. “Although we are pleased with the strong volume growth, we fell short of our own expectations for customer service.”

KCS 2Q21: Strong Volume; Service ‘Short of Expectations’ (Updated, Cowen)

Kansas City Southern (KCS) on July 16 was the first Class I to report second-quarter 2021 earnings. For the possibly merger-bound railroad, revenue of $749.5 million grew 37% from the prior-year period ($547.9 million) based on higher carload volumes (up 31%), higher fuel surcharge, and the strengthening of the Mexican peso against the U.S. dollar. Service quality, however, was somewhat short of company expectations.