49 CFR Part 243 Training Costs: ROI Considerations

The costs railroads can save with simulation training recertifications are significant. Railroads have to meet recertification standards for FRA compliance, performing check-in training for safety reasons. However, if railroad workers aren’t able to accurately and immediately identify danger points, disaster is imminent.

PS Technology offers on-premises and cloud-based crew management solutions.

Single Source of Truth

RAILWAY AGE, SEPTEMBER 2021 ISSUE: Workforce management is evolving from paper-based record-keeping to cloud-based applications that improve efficiency and transparency.

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Five Takeaways From COVID-19’s Impact on Railroad Staffing

As it has with everything else in the world, COVID-19 has impacted railroading in a variety of ways—and staffing is one of them. Here are five takeaways from this past year, around what to expect and potential ways to alleviate the impact of each.