SunRail joins Train Safety Awareness Week

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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SunRail, Florida's commuter rail service launched two years ago, joins the Florida Department of Transportation, local law enforcement and volunteers for Train Safety Awareness Week, June 6-10.

The week’s activities will include a variety of efforts aimed at educating motorists, pedestrians and SunRail riders about rail safety, as well as demonstrating the dangers and penalties of breaking Florida laws around tracks. During the week, law enforcement will be posted at several railroad crossings in various communities, including key intersections in Orlando, Longwood and Lake Mary, and will issue citations or warnings for motorists who drive around gates or stop on the tracks, as well as to individuals trespassing on the tracks or railroad corridor.

Recognizing that many citizens do practice safe and law abiding behavior around tracks and trains, SunRail also will be distributing “Way to Go!” rewards, such as SunRail magnets and stickers, when they see someone practicing safe behavior around the railroad tracks.

Highlights of the week’s activities include:

-“Way to Go!” rewards for citizens practicing safe behavior near railroad tracks

-Law enforcement posted at various grade crossings

-Star appearance on board with “Tie, the SunRail Safety Squirrel” mascot on trains P316 and P319 Friday, June 10





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