RailComm buttons up Mississippi yard

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

RailComm has completed installation of a remote control system for 19 switch machines at the north end of a Class I yard in Jackson, Miss.

“The railroad benefits from a wireless solution that is capable of controlling combinations of switch machines to safely set Entrance/Exit routes through the automated portions of the yard,” RailComm said. “This solution helps avoid the manual operation of switch machines that can cause injuries, and increases the efficiency of the north end of the yard. Yard personnel have the option of controlling the switch machines and routes remotely from the Yard Control Office, from a hardened PC control panel located in the vicinity of the machines, or locally by the use of pushbutton at each switch location, providing great flexibility to the yard’s operation.”

Control for these locations will be provided via the Domain Operations Controller (DOC®) system, RailComm’s proprietary yard control application. The DOC software “offers a user friendly graphical view of the yard that can add speed and efficiency to the yard controller’s operation,” RailComm noted.

Communications to and from the field are powered by RailComm’s communications platform RailComm RADiANTTM, which uses wireless radios over a 2.4 GHz spread-spectrum data network.

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