Caltrain adding Railhead cameras

Written by Railway Age Staff
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Railhead Corporation, Alsip, Ill., is supplying Caltrain with new Inward Cab cameras, microphones and 4TB storage modules, an upgrade program to be completed by the first quarter of 2018.

The equipment, part of Caltrain’s continued safety initiative, is expected to aid in accident investigations and operator performance monitoring by transit agency management.

According to Caltrain adding the additional cameras will enhance the safety of both their customers and employees. Caltrain previously installed Railhead’s LDVR (Locomotive Digital Video Recorder) and outward facing cameras in 2009. These camera systems have proved useful in many post-incident investigations.

Railhead’s systems are designed and manufactured specifically for the heavy rail environments, the powerful combination of LDVRs, cameras and management software will enable Caltrain to reduce maintenance and operating costs, improve efficiency, mitigate risk and liability while ensuring video will be available in the event of an incident.


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