Author: Railway Age Staff

RCR Taylor Logistics Park in Taylor, Tex., launched in January with a grand opening ceremony in May. This 755-acre park offers transloading, manifest, unit train and storage with service from both UP and BNSF.

Women in Rail Spotlight: Hydie McAlister, Sharon Beach

From the seven North American Class I’s and more than 600 short lines and regionals to the ancillary rail industry, women are making their mark. Hydie McAlister of Hempstead, Tex.-based McAlister Assets is among them. With no prior experience in the rail business, she recognized an opportunity for Class I rail-served industrial parks in her home state while meeting with an investor in 2015. And now she’s developed two with her business partner Sharon Beach.

2021 OUTLOOK: The Second Great Railroad Revolution?

RAILWAY AGE, DECEMBER 2020 ISSUE COVER STORY: As one of the most difficult years in world history draws to a conclusion that at times felt like it would never come, the North American railway industry—battered and bruised but refusing to go down—looks to a new year with cautious optimism, and most important—hope.