MSU, BCRRE offer rail transit management program

Written by Andrew Corselli

Michigan State University’s Center for Railway Research and Education (CRRE) recently announced “Transit & Urban Railways: Technology, Engineering and Management”—a new educational program to be held in Newark, N.J., October 7-11, 2019.

The program—developed jointly with the U.K.’s University of Birmingham, BCRRE (Birmingham Center for Railway Research and Education)—is aimed at “technical and non-technical individuals building a career in the urban rail sector, especially those with higher potential to become future managers and leaders but who may have deep expertise in one discipline (such as mechanical engineering) but need a broad understanding around a total system approach in a short time. The program draws from leading practices and research across the globe and includes forward-looking ideas and strategies, some of which are new to North America,” MSU noted.

The program combines key topics with site visits, and balances conceptual lectures with group work and facilitated discussions to reinforce learning points in the context of participants’ operations.

MSU offers “railway industry management and strategy expertise from its Railway Management Certificate Program to complement BCRRE’s leadership in the systems engineering approach to transit, metros and urban heavy rail education. Both universities also have research experience in this area to add to existing knowledge.”

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