Michigan State University

Railway Operations 2020

EXAMPLE OF TOPICS COVERED Rail Networks and Operations. Rolling Stock & Motive Power Maintenance. Locomotive & Car Leasing. Car Pooling & Fleet Management. Operational Models. Operation of an Urban Railway System. Creating

Railway Regulation, Safety & The Rail Industry 2020

EXAMPLES OF TOPICS COVERED Fundamentals of Transport: Railway System & Organization. Rail Regulation/Deregulation. Government Bodies and Associations (FRA/FTA/NTSB/RSI/AAR/ASLRRA). Passenger Rail & Transit Industry Structure. Safety and Security. PROGRAM DETAILS To utilize the

Railway Business Administration And Leadership 2020

EXAMPLES OF TOPICS COVERED Principles of Marketing/Leadership. Introduction to Railway Management. Negotiation. Railways and Supply Chain Management and Design. Risk Management. Economics of the Rail Industry.  PROGRAM DETAILS To utilize the best