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Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

The 110-mph MPI HSP46 is the newest addition to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority regional rail locomotive fleet. MBTA is taking delivery on 40 HSP46 diesel-electric locomotives, nos. 2000-2039, built by Wabtec subsidiary MotivePower Industries.

These four-axle units are equipped with a 4,650-hp, four-stroke GE Transportation GEVO 45-degree V-12 that meets EPA Tier 3 emissions standards, and GEB-15 AC traction motors with individual axle control. Weight on rail is 143.75 tons (287,500 pounds). Top speed is 110 mph. The locomotive has six GE inverter stacks (components per stack are identical—traction or HEP). Four stacks are used for propulsion only (one stack per traction motor) and two separate stacks are used for HEP supply. There are two separate alternators driven by the diesel engine: Traction Alternator and Head End Power Alternator. Output of these respective alternators is rectified, then fed to the appropriate inverter stack for conversion back to AC.

LEAD HSP46Under the direction of Chief Mechanical Officer David Rutkowski, the Providence & Worcester Railroad is commissioning the HSP46 fleet at its Worcester, Mass., shops.

The HSP46’s distinctly American carbody shape and graphics are the work of industrial designer Cesar Vergara, principal of Vergarastudio. Vergara also helped design the locomotive’s ergonomic and spacious control-desk-style cab. MBTA customers were asked to vote on four color schemes; the result pictured here is the winning design.

• Length over coupler pulling faces: 71 feet, 0 inches

• Height over cab and carbody: 15 feet, 4 ½ inches

• Width over cab handrails: 10 feet, 0 inches

• Bolster centers: 45 feet, 0 inches

• Weight on rail (loaded): 290,000 lbs. (nominal)

Starting Tractive Effort: 65,000 lbs.

• Gear Ratio: 74:29

• Curve negotiation (single unit): 288 feet (20 degrees)

• Curve negotiation w/ 85 ft. car: 288 feet (20 degrees)

• Prime Mover: GEVO12, 12-cylinder, 4,650 Gross HP

• Maximum prime mover engine speed: 1,050 rpm

• Prime mover engine idle speed: 440 rpm, no HEP

Control System: GE Consolidated Control Architecture (CCA) w/on-board display

• EPA emission compliance: US EPA Tier 3

• Cooling System radiators: Young Touchstone, Air-to-Water & Air-to-Air

• Cooling Fans: (2x) Dayton Phoenix, 12 Blade Fans, 54” Dia.

• Main Generator (traction/companion alternators): GE 5GMG211 Traction Alternator with Integral HEP winding, Single bearing

• Traction Motors: GEB-15, AC w/ Individual Axle Control

• Dynamic Brake: GE DB Grid System, Extended Range, Blended w/ Fastbrake

• Trucks: MP1114, 4-wheel, cast frame w/traction pivot

• Wheelbase: 9 feet, 4 inches

• Braking System: Fastbrake w/ Hardware Penalty Module (HPM), Blended w/ DB

• Air Dryer: Graham-White MFG. Co. 994-500M

• Air Compressor: Wabco 3CMCBLAT, 3-Cylinder

• Fuel Capacity: 2,000 gallons

• Cooling system capacity: 360 gallons

• Sand capacity; front/rear: 8/8 cubic feet

• HEP System: Inverter HEP, IGBT based w/ capacitor/inductor filtration

• HEP Output: 600 kW, 480 VAC

• HEP Alternator: Integral to Traction Alternator

• HEP Trainline: Single Buss

• HEP Maintenance Access: Double Side Doors

27-Pin Trainline: Customer Specification

• Cab Noise Rating (Stationary/Full Load): 49 CFR Part 210 and 40 CFR Part 201 Compliant

• Cab Seats: Seats Inc. Highback, Fully Adjustable, Vibration Control

• Cab Flooring: Composite Floor & Whispermat

• Engineer’s Controls: Console Desk w/ GE, and PTC (Provisioned) screens

• Helper’s Work Station: Console Desk w/ GE screen

• Event Recorder/Speed Indicator: Bach-Simpson (49CFR238 comply)

• Radio: JEM Radio

• HVAC: MEI, 20kW, 410A refrigerant, 31,000 BTU/Hr

• Side Wall Heaters: 1.5 kW Aux Heaters

• Forward Facing Glazing: FRA Type I, Heated w/resistor, 74 VDC, 630 W

• Side Glazing: FRA Type II Sliding

• Signal System: Positive Train Control (Provisioned)

• Remote Health Monitoring: GE

• Batteries: Lead Acid, 64 VDC

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