White Paper: Automated Driving—Signal at Green

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Download White PaperAutomated driving technologies are set to provide many of the answers in the years ahead as rail operators and planners confront the conflict between the increasing demand for services and the limited potential for network expansion.

These technologies will range from semi-automated trains to driverless operation, and provide increased capacity, greater punctuality and reliability, improved energy efficiency and enhanced safety.

The move to automation is already well-established in urban mass transit systems and these networks will continue to be the early adopters of the latest and most advanced technologies. But automated driving also has a crucial role to play on regional and mainline routes, for both passenger and freight traffic. Working alongside new driver assistance tools, automation can provide invaluable benefits to the entire rail system, as well as to the broader transport infrastructure.

The White Paper “Signal at Green” describes benefits and challenges of automated driving in mass transit, mainline transport, as well as automated transport in freight and the role of advanced driver assistance technologies.

The White Paper is presented by Siemens and was supported by Longitude Research Ltd.

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