Wells Fargo Rail, New York & Atlantic on the Violet Edge

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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The Wi-Tronix Violet Edge

Car and locomotive lessor Wells Fargo Rail and Anacostia Rail Holdings Class III property New York & Atlantic Railway have ordered Wi-Tronix Violet Edge onboard technology, which includes Connected Event Recorder, PTC Event Recorder and Digital Video Recorder (DVR), all based on a robust Internet of Things (IoT) platform designed specifically for the rail industry. “Advanced technology enables remote access to synchronized information, in addition to a suite of analytic tools and actionable alerts that make rail operations safer,” Wi-Tronix noted.

The new orders, which followed the Wi-Tronix User Conference, held in Chicago and attended by more than 100 industry leaders from all over the world, bring orders for Violet Edge well above 2,000 units, a milestone the company reached in April.

Wells Fargo Rail ordered Violet Edge units to take advantage of having the information they need available at their fingertips. They were looking for a device that gave them everything they needed for incident investigations, and Violet Edge was the best solution for them,” said Wi-Tronix Strategic Sales Manager Connie Nordhues. “With top priorities of asset tracking, fuel monitoring and safety, they needed the safest solution possible.”

“The ability to remotely pull downloads and information, instead of having to send someone out to the [locomotive], saves us time and money,” said Kraig Roberts, Director of Sales for Wells Fargo. “It’s safer because there is less [likelihood of] injury.”

New York & Atlantic Railway’s order will result in the railroad’s entire locomotive fleet being equipped with Violet Edge units. “Our goal is to further enhance employee and public safety, as well as to reduce congestion coming out of the New York City area,” said NY&A President James Bonner.

“Combining data, video and audio from all sources on the locomotive into one synchronized solution, the Violet Edge is unsurpassed in the industry, providing a powerful combination of connectivity, analytics, and alerts,” Wi-Tronix said. “Synchronized information is off-boarded from the locomotive frequently, is secure in the Cloud and is easily accessible to authorized users via a web browser for incident investigation and analytics.”

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