TekTracking partners with Gioconda Rail

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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TekTracking LLC, a railway technology sales and product development firm, has formed a new partnership with Gioconda Rail.

Gioconda Rail, based in Kent, U.K., specializes in video capture, video analysis, and 3D model rendering of all railroad-related assets located on track infrastructure. TekTracking is an Asset Management Technology Provider servicing passenger and freight rail operators throughout North America.

Gioconda Rail provides all services related to delivering the railway organization a fully reviewed, corrected and documented video feed of the railroad infrastructure. “The value of the highly accurate, 4K resolution video is shared across multiple departments within the railroad including safety, operations, asset management, project planning, construction, and maintenance,” the company said. Applications include accident investigation and documentation, signal sighting for new construction, geo-located repositories for wayside and track assets, train driver route knowledge training, and BIM and 3D modeling.

The video is displayed on a desktop or laptop computer and is manipulated through Gioconda’s DVR playback application. The DVR playback includes measurement and display tools to help users analyze the video information. “The video data provides a low-cost alternative to LIDAR-based mapping solutions, with minimal impact on measurement resolution and accuracy,” Gioconda said. “In addition, the Gioconda Rail video can be overlaid on existing LIDAR point cloud data, providing highly accurate measurements correlated with detailed video imagery.”

“We are delighted with our partnership with Gioconda Rail and look forward to introducing its products to the U.S. market,” said TekTracking CEO Greg Fogarty. “There is synergy between our portfolios of asset management products that we feel will result in a profitable relationship.”

TekTracking describes its products and systems as “addressing asset management issues universally faced by railway operators. Through strategic relationships with best-in-class technology providers, TekTracking has assembled a comprehensive solution set to meaningfully reduce railroad operating costs. Additionally, we offer railroad technology OEMs expert product development and North American market development services.”

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