Supply Side: CN Signs Contract with Duos, Bentley Launches Virtuosity

Written by Marybeth Luczak, Executive Editor
CN has seven Duos Railcar Inspection Portals (rip®) currently in operation along its network.

CN has seven Duos Railcar Inspection Portals (rip®) currently in operation along its network.

CN has awarded a multi-year contract to Duos Technologies, Inc., for complete North American service, support, maintenance and spare components sourcing for the seven Railcar Inspection Portals (rip®) currently in operation along its network. Additionally, engineering software firm Bentley Systems, Inc., has established Virtuosity to combine subscriptions to Bentley applications, such as OpenRail, with training and expert services.

Under the terms of the agreement with CN, the Duos rip® system will identify specific railcar inspection points, which are monitored and addressed using artificial intelligence (AI) applications being developed by the railroad and integrated into the Duos centraco® platform.

“Continued service and maintenance of our systems is critical to our partnership and success with CN as we further develop, deploy and integrate our solutions into their North American operating environment,” Duos Technologies CEO Chuck Ferry said. “This investment will dramatically impact the overall productivity and uptime for the railroad’s solutions.”

According to Duos, “The total contract will be recognized as recurring revenue through 2022.”

(Duos announced a separate contract with a Class I for a railcar inspection upgrade in September.)

“The world’s infrastructure professionals have all gained a new appreciation for what can be achieved through online collaboration. We think this is the perfect time to inaugurate our commercial innovation: a virtuoso subscription that enhances the functionality of a software application through intrinsic assistance from subject matter experts.” — Allan Murphy, Virtuosity CEO

Through its Acceleration Fund investment company, Bentley formed Virtuosity to offer subscriptions to its infrastructure modeling, simulation and construction applications. As part of the subscriptions, users have access to “a range of training and one-to-one mentoring activities, and on-demand learning and content.”

Virtuoso subscriptions are now available for Bentley applications including MicroStation, OpenBridge, OpenBuildings, OpenFlows, OpenRail, OpenRoads, OpenSite, OpenTower, OpenWindPower, AutoPIPE, ContextCapture, LEGION, MOSES, PLAXIS, RAM, SACS, SoilVision, STAAD, and SYNCHRO, and Bentley’s iTwin Design Review cloud service.

(Bentley recently released OpenGround Cloud to improve geotechnical data management for infrastructure projects.)

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