STB Decision Will Impact Freight Rail’s Future

Sometimes in decision making, there isn’t much of a middle ground. Sometimes there is simply right and wrong. Such is the nature of the decision facing the Surface Transportation Board (STB) in the coming months as it addresses proposed railroad mergers. Their decision will have a very big impact on what the railroad industry will look like in the coming decades.

CN Voting Trust Clears STB New Merger Rules Tests. It Should Be Approved

Having been one of the three Surface Transportation Board (STB) Members who voted on the 2001 Major Merger Rules, it seems clear to me that the CN voting trust satisfies the new rules requirements addressing “unlawful control” and the “public interest” when deciding to approve or reject a voting trust. As such, it should be approved so that the Board and the public may move forward to consider the merits of the proposed transaction.

Ruest, Ottensmeyer: Voting Trust “Meets the Public Interest Test”

During what will most likely be the first of many joint appearances as their merger process progresses, CN President and CEO JJ Ruest and Pat Ottensmeyer, his counterpart at Kansas City Southern, said that their jointly filed voting trust application “meets the Surface Transportation Board’s public interest test under current merger rules.”