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People News: Tracsis North America; Latinos In Transit

Written by Marybeth Luczak, Executive Editor
Burns Engineering Director Alva Carrasco is the outgoing President of Latinos In Transit.

Burns Engineering Director Alva Carrasco is the outgoing President of Latinos In Transit.

Marcelo Bravo is the new Vice President of Rail and Transit at Fairport, N.Y.-based Tracsis North America, formerly known as RailComm. Also, Burns Engineering’s Alva Carrasco concludes her term as President of Latinos In Transit (LIT).

Tracsis North America

As Vice President of Rail and Transit, Marcel Bravo will help build a market presence for Tracsis products, including Computer Aided Dispatch, Yard Automation, and Remote Condition Monitoring software, in North America and beyond, according to the company, which rebranded in October following its acquisition by Tracsis PLC Group, a provider of software, hardware, data analytics/GIS and services for the rail, traffic data and wider transport industries. He also will work with the Tracsis UK team.

“I’m extremely excited about my new role with Tracsis and helping to grow the business, initially with focus on North America,” Bravo said. “Tracsis is investing in people and products, [and] is agile, responsive, and poised to grow rapidly both organically and through acquisition. I look forward to contributing toward achieving group growth plans.”


Alva Carrasco, Director, Los Angeles Region for Burns Engineering, is stepping down as President of LIT, the group reported Dec. 19; she will be succeeded by Jacobs Senior Transit Operations Specialist Herold Humphrey, who served previously as LIT Vice President.

Jacobs Senior Transit Operations Specialist Herold Humphrey, Incoming LIT President

“Since its establishment in 2016, LIT has experienced a remarkable journey, evolving from a small grassroots organization to a national nonprofit force in the transportation industry,” LIT said. “This transformation has been made possible through the dedication of key individuals, and none have played a more pivotal role than Alva Carrasco, who served as the LIT Board President during a critical phase of growth and development of LIT and as LIT’s first Vice President.

“In its infancy, LIT was propelled by the passion of a few founding members who envisioned a nationwide organization dedicated to addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by Latinos in the transit and transportation sector. Under the leadership of Milo Victoria, the organization made significant strides, establishing a foundation for growth and impact.”

When Carrasco became President in 2019, she spearheaded the development of a strategic plan, membership program, scholarship program, and committee structure, and launched LIT’s first website and social media presence and rebranded LIT’s logo, according to the group. “Her leadership and strategic vision laid the groundwork for LIT’s expansion beyond regional borders, which now includes in-person and virtual programming such as the Leadership Summit and Leadership Academy,” reported LIT, which noted that Carrasco also “dedicated countless hours to LIT marketing and administration during her free time.”

Additionally, Carrasco forged partnerships with organizations such as the American Public Transportation Association, Transportation Research Board, Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO), and Women’s Transportation Seminar, and secured a  multi-year agreement with MV Transportation, Inc.

During her tenure, Carrasco was recognized for her advocacy work as one of the Top Latinos Leaders in 2021 by the National Diversity Council for Latinos Workplace Equity and as a COMTO Women Who Move The Nation honoree in 2022.

In a related development, LIT in September named FTA Administrator Nuria Fernandez as the recipient of this year’s Founders Award.

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