LRIW seeks nominations for board of directors

Written by Carolina Worrell, Senior Editor
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The League of Railway Industry Women (LRIW) announced Nov. 17, 2015 that it is seeking candidates to serve on the organization’s board of directors. The LRIW board represents a cross-section of companies involved in all aspects of railroading—freight railroad or transit authority, supplier, contractor, consultant, trade association and trade press.

“We are looking to improve LRIW, in particular our outreach and communication efforts. I hope other women in the industry will join me in helping promote our industry and the role women play in its success,” said LRIW President Jodi Hedt. “You don’t need to be in a high-level position to be on our board, you need only be willing to commit your time and talents.”

We hope that all LRIW members (corporate and individual) will consider this industry leadership opportunity as we move forward into a new year. In addition, being a part of the LRIW board is a chance to network, gain leadership skills, and enhance your resume, the organization says. Each of these positions is a three-year term.

Board nominations are due Dec. 1, 2015 and elections will be held via email ballot in mid-December. Any individual who believes she has a contribution to make should feel free to self-nominate. LRIW will contact nominees for additional information including a biography and a statement of interest. All nominees must submit a Board Nomination/Commitment Form.

Open Board Positions

• Director (2 seats open): Directors are responsible for the successful leadership and management of LRIW according to the strategic direction the set by the board of directors. Your job is also in strategic planning, since the director does not have an official committee assignment, the director will work with the board to set goals and targets.

• Public Relations & Outreach Chair: With the help of the LRIW Public Relations & Outreach Committee and the guidance of the LRIW board of directors, the PR and Outreach Chair is responsible promoting the activities of LRIW to members and the rail industry as a whole. Your job is also leadership development. Build a solid committee, identify and cultivate other leaders and work closely with your committee.

• Events Chair: With the help of the LRIW Events Committee and the guidance of the board of directors, the Events Chair is responsible for overseeing the events committee and assist in organizing LRIW events. Your primary job as Event Chair is leadership development. Build a solid committee, identify and cultivate other leaders, work closely with your committee, and develop an event plan.

• Treasurer: The principal role of the treasurer is to maintain accurate accounting records, prepare and file required tax and financial information to governmental agencies and provide financial information to LRIW as required.

• Parliamentarian: The principal role of the parliamentarian is to review and understand the organizations bylaws to ensure they are being followed through the election procedure, at board meetings, and at all League of Railway Industry Women events. The parliamentarian is also responsible for managing the nomination committee and elections, and proposing bylaw changes.

Main Responsibilities

• Participate in monthly conference calls with committees, and a quarterly board conference call.

• Attend LRIW Annual Meeting held at RSI Annual Conference (RSI/CMA 2016, Omaha, NE, October 2- 4 /Railway Interchange 2017, Indianapolis, IN, Sept 17-20 /RSI/CMA 2018, Nashville, TN, Sept 9-11)

• Commit 4 – 6 hours a month on LRIW projects.

• Actively participate in decision-making.

• Promote the League of Railway Industry Women to your company and women throughout the rail industry.

• Cultivate new leaders through the committee structure and by encourage others to run for leadership positions within LRIW and throughout the industry.

• Manage a committee of 3-5 volunteers and host a monthly conference call Report your activities to the board

If you would like to be a candidate, nominate someone or have questions, please contact LRIW President, Jodi Heldt at [email protected].

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