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Avante offers rail visibility safety solutions

Written by Railway Age Staff
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Rendering of Avante International Technology's Switch-Point Monitoring System.

Avante International Technology has developed a series of patented and patent-pending systems for rail visibility and safety, which are cost- effective in implementation without interfering with daily operations of trains. Avante’s Switch-Point Monitoring System provides supplementary and independent monitoring of switch point positions to central command and oncoming trains within three to six miles.

The quantitative switch point closure data with built-in redundant contactless sensors (absolute closure or measurable gap sensing) is transmitted wirelessly in real-time to central command and designed to broadcast to oncoming trains with a special display and alerting console. These sensors solve both the wrong switch-position problem and the improper closing or malfunctioning switch point problem.

The system is designed to be mounted and installed onto each switch point within 30 minutes without drilling or other disruption to normal train operations for any extended period of time.

The Rail Visibility System solution is designed to provide real-time imaging visibility of rail crossings and curved rail sections, to provide advanced visibility to engineers.

Renderings of Avante International Technology’s Rail Visibility System.

Digital imaging video cameras are installed and broadcast real-time images of grade crossing areas to oncoming trains within operational areas and distance. Alerts will be sounded within the engineer’s cab, when there are parked vehicles or other obstructions on the crossing areas for any extended period of time.

The same digital/video image system is designed to provide a view of the rail ahead, and from around the curve of the rail to train crews, to provide similar visibility as if the train is on a straight track providing adequate time for the operator to react if the situation requires.

The digital imaging system includes visible and IR (infra-red) visibility range along with Doppler radar to provide adequate redundancy in all weather conditions.

Avante is based in Princeton Junction, N.J.

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