RATP Testing ‘Green Friction’ Braking

Written by Marybeth Luczak, Executive Editor

Paris Transport Authority (RATP) has teamed with Wabtec Corp. to test “Green Friction” technology for brakes in an aim to improve tunnel air quality.

Wabtec says Green Friction reduces micro-particle emissions from friction braking through an “optimized friction pairing, including the friction material and the disc. This combination results from Wabtec’s long-standing expertise in friction, the heavy investment to address the brake dust challenge and collaboration with universities in Europe.” The company expects to reduce brake dust emissions by up to 90% on the Paris regional rail system.

Bench testing began in October at a Wabtec facility in Avelino, Italy, to assess the friction material currently used on RATP commuter rail vehicle brakes and to evaluate Green Friction performance and particle emissions.

Green Friction will later be tested on the disc brake system of commuter trains operating along line A of the RER, the Greater Paris regional rail network, which includes tunnels, Wabtec said.

“Transit authorities around the world are looking for ways to improve air quality throughout their network and especially in their tunnels,” Wabtec Transit Business President Lilian Leroux said. “One challenge is to offer an innovative new friction material with nearly no particle emissions, while at the same time maintaining performance, durability and safety. Through this partnership, we will demonstrate how our Green Friction solution meets all those requirements and significantly reduces braking emissions.”

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